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Brabant Branding

Welcome to the website of Brabant Branding

We have created this website to share all kinds of interesting information related to our speciality: place branding. In our case of course, the focus lies on branding the Dutch province of North Brabant: creating a strong image for our beautiful region. This page presents our strategy, our instruments and Brabant Brand Box; a showcase full of interesting inspirational stories, which prove that Brabant truly is the region of headstrong innovation, enterprising collaboration, shared experiences and enjoying life together. Do you need further information or advice? Feel free to contact us!

Our mission

We present the character of Brabant in a positive manner, together with as many partners as possible. Both nationally and internationally. The ultimate objective? To bring Brabant to the attention of a varied range of target groups in a positive way and present it as a leading knowledge and innovation region that offers good jobs, accessible housing, excellent education and an enjoyable way of life. Our efforts simplify the work of all the parties involved in attracting talented people, knowledge workers, businesses, students, tourists, etc. to the region.

We believe in the power of Brabant

We look for pioneering solutions in Brabant. We think outside the box. We lay our cards on the table rather than holding them closely to our chest. We do business collaboratively and as open and frank partners. And Brabant seduces you, immersing you in its pleasure-loving, hospitable and friendly character. There are few regions in the world where enjoying life and outstanding achievement are so inextricably linked. This unique combination is the cornerstone of our success and gives the people of Brabant their distinctive, welcoming character.

The objective of Brabant Branding's strategy is to project a strongly positive image of Brabant. Read our strategy for details of how we build a strong Brabant Brand, together with our partners.

We have developed the Brabant Brand Filter to ensure that we all present a consistent narrative and style. The brand filter is a tool that helps us make the right choices and act 'on-brand'.

The Story of Brabant and its 4 major cities, backed up by beautiful visual material.

This 'tool kit' contains inspiring stories about entrepreneurs and organisations whose passion, drive, determination and collaborative spirit clearly illustrate the key elements of Brabant's success. Including a free image library.